Find out how foodbiz365 can help your business by offering online food ordering options to your customers. Save money by cutting out the group ordering middle man website and drive more revenue to your bottom line.

Over 20 Great Features and Counting

foodbiz365 is a online and mobile app food ordering system where you have complete control. Everything from menu pricing and description to coupons and rewards programs. The features listed below are just a few to show how become a food biz 365 customer will benefit your business from order one.

Bundled Website Package Take-Out, Delivery & Dine-In Orders Easy To Use Menu Builder Great Pizza Builder Group Ordering Flexible Food Modifiers Unlimited Food Items Save Favorite Dishes Multiple Plotted Delivery Zones Customer Rewards & Loyalty Program Flexible Coupon System eGift Cards System Awesome Group Ordering Plugin Customer Engagements Via Email, SMS & Apps Notify Free Native App (Android) Free Printer Notify App (Windows OS) Customer Survey Plugin Order Reporting & Tracking Use Your Own Credit Card Gateway Accept Paypal Payments Quick Re-Order & single click checkout Smart Upsell System Customers Order From Your Mobile App or Website Single Software, Multiple Locations Support Any Language, Any Currency Much, Much MORE!


Online orders are significantly larger by up to 20% compared to telephone orders, and your repeat business will increase dramatically because a happy customer is a loyal one. Your employees will spend less time answering phones and taking orders. The focus can be with serving your dine-in customers and running your restaurants day-to-day duties.


Online orders are sent to the Dashboard, where you can accept or cancel the order. Orders are also sent via text message (SMS), fax and a telephone call will be initiated once an order has been placed. Redundancy is in place to prevent missed calls or faxed notifications. Accept credit cards directly from your customers when you integrate your store's current merchant account.


Accept credit cards directly from your customers. We will set up a new secure individual merchant account and gateway system for you to process your customer credit cards. Saving you hundreds or even thousands year over year. You receive payment your payment same day and don’t have to wait days for the bulk ordering sites to give you your money.


Track user browsing & buying patterns and the system will automatically upsell products that is relevant to the customer. Additionally, you can easily create products to upsell during the ordering process to maximize order conversion.


Easily convert your traditional menus for online use. Upload unlimited images to entice your customers, create food modifiers, set time and days menus will be available and open other store locations with different settings. PizzaBuilder is an intuitive addition to the core system, enabling maximum options that is specifically tailored to Pizzerias. Plus with a clean, easy to use interface, your customers will be coming back again and again!


Create and manage your own loyalty program tied in with coupon rules to be offered to your customers during checkout. Coupons will help increase revenue by offering discounts to your loyal customers. Track user browsing & buying patterns and the system will automatically up-sell products that is relevant to the customer. Additionally, you can easily create products to up-sell during the ordering process to maximize order conversion.


Quick & simple exporting of user information. Useful when creating custom campaigns & special announcements. Send emails & text messages to your customers. Have something new on the menu? Let your customers know! Email & text messaging notifications are easy to setup & free to run!


We make it easy for your customers to order with our custom Android, iOS & web-app. Customers are now able to place their orders in just a few clicks.
Also for the restaurant owners. Download and instantly receive order notifications as they occur. PLUS use our AutoPrint (Windows xp,vista,7) application to automatically print new orders using any standard or receipt printers.


Use our javascript embed codes to bring online ordering to your existing website or let us host your domain for you with our full hosted and managed solutions. We'll create a striking website tailored to your restaurant.

What are you waiting for? Get started today with foodbiz365.