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Consider these reasons for your restaurant having your own BRANDED mobile ordering app

  • Generally, 15% of your customers account for 70% of your delivery business – it’s important to get to know who these customers are, their food preferences and why they prefer your restaurant.   
  • Build customer relationships and identify your menu strengths. 
  • Make changes in your menu and have them INSTANTLY updated in your BRANDED mobile ordering apps.
    1. Instantly make certain menus items (or choices) unavailable if there is an ingredient shortage.
    2. Instantly control the flow of orders and expected delivery times if the kitchen becomes overwhelmed.
    3. Instantly turn on or turn off certain delivery zones and change related delivery fees.
    4. Instantly modify your menu prices.
    5. Instantly turn on or turn off your up-selling module and content.
    6. Instantly modify your store hours and delivery menu hours. 
  • Set up automatic coupons and rewards programs for your customer base.
  • Issue special rewards to individual customers - a great customer service tool.
  • Use your new app for delivery, curbside, in-store and pickup orders.  Catering module also available.
  • Directly communicate with your customers instead of brokering your communication and limiting content.
  • Link your new ordering app from your website, making online ordering as easy as the app.   
  • Upload beautiful photos of your food items – greatly enhancing the customer ordering experience.
  • Your sales revenue goes directly to your bank account – instantly.
  • Keep unfair customer reviews off the internet.

$75 per month – Store Branded iPhone/Android apps – Complete Dashboard Controls – plus web based ordering module
Minimal set-up cost – contact us at and our experts will visit with you. (Additional plans available.)

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